What an awe-inspiring word. What would you describe as breathtaking? Gorgeous photos of the crystal clear water and glimmering white sand on your best friend’s Instagram account? Experiencing the thrill of skiing down the mountainside and watching everything blur as you race past?

What if we took a moment to transform breathtaking into breath-taking? Life is not often filled with breathtaking moments as we would normally define breathtaking. But if we redefined each moment as breath-taking, how would we view that moment differently? Did something exciting happen? Take a breath. Did something extremely devastating happen? Take a breath. What about those mundane moments that we never pay much attention to? Take a breath. Stressed-out? Stop. Take a breath. Each time we take a breath, we have a moment to be grateful for.

YOU are breathtaking. YOU are worth so much more than you could ever fathom. Take a breath. You deserve it.

24 Hours

We all get 24 hours in a day.  In a way each of us decides how to spend it. Also in a way we only react to what happens to and around us during those 24 hours.

I can only fit in so much.

But even if I let the ball drop on something, I am still accomplishing something else.

I am still moving FOREWARD.

Don’t count all of the things you didn’t accomplish today.

Count what you DID.

Do What You Can


Here are my daily healthy actions so far:

Drink more water.  Drink less pop.

Climb the stairs 10 extra times today.

Eat more vegetables.

Exercise each morning in which I am off work.

Get new frames for my glasses (that have not been sat on and bent!)

Prepare enough water bottles to freeze in order to keep cool throughout the day.

Eat some fruit today.

Listen to nature sounds and to soothe and calm.

Care for my nails.

These actions are far from glamourous. They are in no way monumental.  Each action is a reflection of the areas in which I tend to neglect myself and my commitment to give myself more attention.  “Start where you are.  Use what you have.  Do what you can.”

Each of these goals are simple, achievable-yet, I didn’t get to each day’s action.  So I try again the next day.  You can do this too.  Do what you can.  Set the bar a little higher every day, but never so high that it is impossible for you to reach.  Any goal you achieve proves how INCREDIBLE YOU ARE.  Not someone ELSE’S goals. Not someone ELSE’S expectations. YOURS.  You rock!

“Be patient.  God’s not finished with me yet.” -quote

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Phillipians 4:13



My healthy action that I chose for this day was to listen to nature sounds.  It is more of an action of self care.  It turned out that I did not need YouTube or Pandora or the like.  There was a thunderstorm, and all I needed was to watch and to listen.  God knows exactly what we want.  Sometimes, it’s exactly what we get.

I Am Heroic

“The stories I tell myself are either limiting or expanding my potential.”-Intention Inspired, I Am Heroic

I came across the 30 Days Of Brave Challenge from Intention Inspired on Instagram and on a whim, I thought I would check it out.  I have now completed one 30 Day Challenge and am now on Day 7 of a new 30 Day I Am Brave Challenge.

Last time I focused on overcoming procrastination.  This time I am adding in my health as an aspect.  My goal is to make a healthier decision for myself each day.  Because today’s affirmation is I Am Heroic, I wanted to revisit my hope and intention in beginning this blogging journey-helping others to believe in themselves and in their own power to make a positive impact and to be heroic.

My daily action for today is to blog my progress in making healthier decisions hopefully, in the process, I will inspire you to make Healthier Decisions in your Own Life.